Matching Private Investors with Exclusive Opportunities.


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Data Driven Decisions

Our investors all have a different level of Risk Tolerance. As a VC Partnership we curate investment opportunities that fall within those parameters. This allows our VC Partner Investor to pick and choose what level of Risk they are comfortable with.

How it works

How we ensure success.

Private VC Partnership hand picks our Lead Investors, Operating Partners and Development Team.

Our VC group controls the raised funds to ensure accountability and success.

Why our formula works so well.

Private VC Partnership works directly with Lead Investors to ensure that all of the infrastructure for each investment is in place.

This way Operating Partners are not haemorrhaging funds on services that are build into our Partnership Platform.

Our Investor Partners

Robert C. - California


3 Investments

Brady B. - Colorado


1 Investment

Sheila A. - Edmonton


1 Investment

Exclusive Investment Opportunities

Exclusivity is how our VC Partner Investors create an investment advantage. As a VC Partnership we provide our VC Partner Investors with exclusive opportunities that are not available to the public investor. This "First to Market" approach is what sets our investments apart from from the rest.

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